The high-quality water you want with the space-saving design your home needs.

The Culligan® Aquasential™ Tankless Reverse Osmosis (RO) System provides better water when and where you need it, without taking up extra space. This efficient system instantly filters water to deliver a continuous supply when you need it most.

  • Provides real-time feedback on the quality of your water and the health of your tankless RO system
  • Reduces total dissolved solids and particulates in your water by 95%
  • Provides over 600 gallons per day of cleaner, safer drinking water.

The Culligan Aquasential Tankless RO System Is Designed To Ensure:

Advanced Performance: With smart sensors built into the system, the Aquasential™ Tankless RO System can immediately notify you if any issues are detected.

Efficiency: Compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems, the Aquasential™ Tankless RO System produces 30x more water each day, allowing for an unlimited supply on demand.

Dependability: With auto-cleaning, leak detection with automatic water shut-off and filter monitoring, the system can save you money on operating costs.

Benefits include:

WQA-Certified: The Aquasential™ Tankless RO system is backed by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to guarantee cleaner and safer water.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: With higher-quality water right from your tap, you can use fewer plastic water bottles and help cut down on CO2 emissions.

Smart Monitoring: The tankless reverse osmosis system reviews your water quality and automatically checks for leaks so you don’t have to.

The Culligan Aquasential Tankless RO Drinking Water Filter System brings you:

Compact Design: Modern tankless reverse osmosis system takes up less space in your home.

On-Demand Supply: Water is filtered on the spot rather than pulling from the tank’s reserve so you never run out of great-tasting water, no matter how much water you drink.

Leak Detection: If your system detects a leak, it will automatically shut off to minimize damage to your home.